We register our racers using an online process. Please be sure to review the Programs tab to understand the different program streams and what best suits your family’s interest and availability.

Please note that all racers must have a valid Brimacombe Membership, and must pay both the Alpine Ontario fee and the Brimacombe Racing Program Fee.


Our Covid-19 refund policy will come into effect if we are forced to close due to government regulations, Brimacombe is forced to close, or the Brimacombe Racing board of directors decides it is unsafe to operate. The refund will be prorated based on how much training time is missed and a small administration fee could apply. What does this mean:

  1. If the BRBD decides that it is no longer safe to run our program, the Racing program will be suspended for part of or the remainder of the season. A prorated refund will be given to all families, plus a small administration fee.
  2. If Brimacombe Resorts closes, which is not in our control, Brim Racing again will suspend part of or the remainder of the season. A prorated refund will be given to all families, minus a small administration fee.
  3. If Brimacombe Resorts total operating numbers, due to COVID, are reduced to a level that impacts our racing program, the BRBD will make a decision based on the facts at that time, which could lead to partial or suspension and/or cancellation of the remainder of the season. A prorated refund will be given to all families, plus a small administration fee.

It is important to note that Brimacombe Racing is not affiliated with Brimacombe Resorts fees and/or memberships. As a result, any disruption to, or, cancellation of the ski season and the resulting impacts on Brimacombe Ski Memberships and/or other fees, will be settled with Brimacombe Resorts as stated on their web page.

PLEASE NOTE: registration for The 2022-2023 season is now closed.

 Notes for families before they register their racers – please ensure you read all points below:

    • We encourage all racers to have full Covid-19 vaccination status.
    • All of our coaching staff will be required to have full Covid-19 vaccination status.
    • All Racers must be a Brimacombe Ski Club Annual Passholder. Please note that Brimacombe Racing operates separately from Brimacombe Ski Club. If our season is canceled for any reason, your Brimacombe Ski Club Annual Pass will not be refunded by Brimacombe Racing. Brimacombe Ski Club has their own cancellation policy, which is out of our control.
    • All Racers must register with Alpine Ontario (AOA) prior to starting our registration process. (We do not offer an OCUP program, select SOD for all U14 and up racers). You’ll find the link to their registration page on our website.
    • Racers must be able to load, unload and ride the chair lifts independently and be able to parallel ski on green and blue runs (equivalent skill level to Adventure Bronze in the Ski School).
    • We are planning a 4 day Christmas Camp from Dec. 27-30, and our regular 9 week season will start on Jan. 7th.
    • Training days for the program will be Saturday and Sunday. Wednesday night gate training will not be available at this time but we are exploring our options for this.
    • The fee to Brimacombe Racing is $1000.00 for Full Day, and Half Day U10/U8 is $700. This does not include fees paid to Alpine Ontario and your Brimacombe Ski Club membership.
    • We cannot confirm at this time what the AOA/SOD race schedule will be.
    • All racers must have a parent or guardian on site during training at all times.
    • We are unaware at this time if there will be chalet restrictions. Please be prepared if breaks/lunches will have to occur in your vehicle in parking lots.
    • All racers will need to be able to do all ski activities independently, no exceptions, regardless of age. This includes loading chairlifts, adjusting gear, etc. Coaches may not be permitted to have any physical contact with the racers. There could be no assistance if they fall, which means Ski Patrol would be notified if an injury is suspected.
    • We will need volunteers this season, at least one parent volunteer from each racer family will be required, tasks and commitment levels will vary.
    • If a Covid-19 policy becomes a requirement put forth on us, it will have to be followed by all with no exceptions.
    • As you can appreciate, with the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic shifting and changing frequently, we continue to ensure our program can adapt to reflect the most up-to-date information and guidelines as provided by the government and health authorities, and to a certain degree, Alpine Ontario as well. We will be working with Brimacombe for all of our guidelines and programming and we must abide by all of their protocols and rules.
    • Our preseason Mont Tremblant training is for returning racers only.
    • We are in the process of looking into Dryland Pre-Season Training. If we are able to offer this, it will be set up as a registration with its own cost.
    • Each racer will get a team hoodie – this year’s hoodie size charts will be attached in this email. Please measure your child as per the size chart to ensure correct sizing & fit. There will be additional merch for families to purchase closer to the season start date. There will be additional merch for families to purchase closer to the season start date! Stay tuned for updates!

Rich Thiebaud

Peter O'Grady

Head Manager
Alison Lyver

Head Coach
Norm Greer